Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Years' Update

Happy New Year All!
And what better way to start it off than with some work I am moderately happy with.

This was a really fun project. Taking an new franchise and establishing a public space consistent with the style. In this case all of the materials used would be natural or at least appear to be. I imagined this being built in Descanso Gardens when working on this project. I'll post more sketches on optic vine later.

I really think I made a leap in designing and drawing vehicles in these past few months.
The prompt for this project was to create fighter plane using the materials and the technology of the period. In my story extension to this prompt our planet has been bombarded by outer space comets, thus drastically changing the earth crust causing continents to divide into separate islands with flight becoming the most practical form of transportation. With devastation so close to the promise of a looming apocalypse, religious organizations become a powerful force in controlling world resources.

This is part of an extension to Terry Gilliam's version of the Adventures of Baron Munchousen.
I noticed that the movie borrowed allot from the 1940' German film version, so this scene of the Baron traveling underwater fits right in. Here, you see our hero about to make a bargain with a deteriorating Neptune for his lost horse Beusephelus. I will post some sketches from this project on my sketch site when I scan them.
Anyway! Hope everyone had a pleasant holiday!