Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Super Slobber Dog

SSD is officially out! (for a while now actually)
It's pretty much the first thing I worked on that actually got made. I had allot of liberty with the design of the characters, so it was really fun to work on and I think that shows in the final.
If you have an I-Phone, a few dollars, and a genuine need to improve the world and yourself in the process you should seriously consider getting this game.

BTW: Apologies to all German people, women, pirates, dogs, etc...

Hey all!

I did some stuff for the Thinkwell Group in the summer before jumping into another project.
Just before I left a few guys from the digital media department asked me to do some character design for a phone AP they were developing. I only had a few days to design all of the characters for the game, but was amazed to see what just a couple of guys did with them in a few short months.

Check it out!

I'll see about posting some the character designs when the game comes out in January