Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Super Slobber Dog

SSD is officially out! (for a while now actually)
It's pretty much the first thing I worked on that actually got made. I had allot of liberty with the design of the characters, so it was really fun to work on and I think that shows in the final.
If you have an I-Phone, a few dollars, and a genuine need to improve the world and yourself in the process you should seriously consider getting this game.

BTW: Apologies to all German people, women, pirates, dogs, etc...

Hey all!

I did some stuff for the Thinkwell Group in the summer before jumping into another project.
Just before I left a few guys from the digital media department asked me to do some character design for a phone AP they were developing. I only had a few days to design all of the characters for the game, but was amazed to see what just a couple of guys did with them in a few short months.

Check it out!

I'll see about posting some the character designs when the game comes out in January


Jparked said...

awesome Russ!!! loved the characters in the video.

Silencer said...

Ух ты, клёво!
Как в Америке живётся, Рустам? :)

Peter Oedekoven said...

Great stuff on your blog!!!!

Rebecca said...

A friend linked me to some of your environmental design and I was poking around. I'm always a fan of Thinkwell's assorted stuff, but hadn't seen this -- love the look you developed! I'll have to go download now.