Monday, September 1, 2008

Goethes' Faust

This adaptation of Faust takes place in late 18th century England. Inspired by by Engravings of London by Gustave Dore.

Mephistopheles makes a deal with god via three messengers.

Faust, one of Gods' favorite scholars, is to be tempted by Mephistopheles and barter for his soul in the afterlife. Mephisto first appears to Faust in form of a dog.

Faust is infatuated with Gretchen, the baker-woman's daughter.

Mephisto introduces Faust to a witch.

At Faust's Request the witch conjures up the image of Helen of Troy escorted by her Lemur servants.

Faust is turned into a younger man capable of pursuing his romantic interests.

Martha, Gretchen's' friend, preoccupies Mephisto's leisure.

Valentine is Gretchen's overprotective brother.

Faust's partner Wagner creates the Humunculus: a fire element with consciousness.

Faust, who can think of nothing to live for, signs the contract within the Book of Souls.

Mephisto spies on Faust and Gretchen. Things are going as planned.

Faust, empowered by Mephisto's magic, unwittingly defeats Valentine.

A sad development. Gretchen is to be executed for drowning the child fathered by Faust. Desperate, Faust demands that Mephistopholes uses his magic to help rescue his lover. How will it end?


Josh Kao said...

dude fuck yea....this is awesome....Paul was telling me about your color theory final and i was waiting for you to up it up!

Josh Kao said...

i meant "put it up"

_gem_ said...

daaaaaaang russ~! i dont know what to say... O_o

abeoh! said...

a "daaa-yum russ" is in order.

James(Luke) said...

my brain exploded from your awesome

Eunice said...

they are BEAUTIFUL.
i'm so proud to be your friend!

Rustam F. Hasanov said...
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Mark Castanon said...

Rushtofferson!!! Wow to bad I wasnt there the last day of color theory to see these peices. Dope Statuuuuus.

What class on Saturdays??? Is it the Mike Hernandez landscape class? What when where how who and why?
Tell me!!!

M said...

Whoa! This blog is blowing me away! And you're still in school?

delatorre said...

dang Man these are crazy good!

Ruolin said...

Rus~~~~ you're unbeatable with color and style. AND painting skill of course!!~~~~ I'm speechless.

verdadverde said...

you're the shit, son!!

Jayee Borcar said...

love your lighting Russ !!!you are amazing!!